C Spire Employee Unlimited

Employee unlimited data, voice, text and picture messages

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  • Texts & Pics

    Send and receive all the texts and picture text messages you want
  • Talk

    Talk all you want - nationwide

Plan Basics and Included Features

  • Unlimited Employee Data
  • Overage Protection

    No surprise charges! With automatic data Overage Protection, you'll never receive a surprise overage charge.

    We’ll text you when you've used 80% of your monthly data, and again if you use all of your data. At that point, you can either buy a data Top Up pass directly from your phone, or use Wi-Fi until your monthly data renews on your next billing cycle. Just remember, you're protected from surprise overage charges.

    The following Top Up passes are available: 500MB for $10, 1GB for $15, or 3GB for $45. Unused data from a Top Up Pass rolls to the next month.

    To buy a Top Up Data Pass, you must be on the C Spire Network. This means that you'll have to turn off Wi-Fi to buy a Pass and then turn Wi-Fi back on when you're done.

  • Talk

    Talk all you want - anywhere in the U.S., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

  • Texts & Pics

    Send and receive unlimited texts and picture text messages nationwide. Plus, international text messaging to 140+ countries is included.

  • Call Waiting Answer a second call.
  • Call Forwarding Forward your calls to another number.
  • Conference Calling Add a third party to a two-way call.
  • Caller ID See who's calling before you answer.


  • Public Safety Data Priority
    This feature prioritizes LTE data connections and delivers enhanced LTE quality of service. It should be added only for those users who are first responders in the areas of law enforcement, fire protection, or emergency services. Please subscribe carefully to ensure the personnel most in need have vital priority access.
  • Android Voicemail
    Manage your voicemail directly from your Android smartphone.
  • Voicemail
    Add it to your cart before checking out.
  • Adult Content Filter
    Block your kids from accessing mature Internet content on their devices while using the C Spire network. Learn more. (Free upon request)
  • Group Voice Messaging
    Send messages to multiple C Spire voicemail subscribers.
  • Business Push To Talk
    Unlimited Push-To-Talk minutes for business accounts
  • International Roaming
    International Roaming Feature
  • International Dialing
    Calls to international numbers

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