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Original Entertainment Programming Celebrates Emerging Artists And Their Original Music 

Wireless Provider Showcases and Promotes Music by Emerging Artists on Custom Website, Mobile Web And Through Cutting-Edge Mobile Music Application for Android and BlackBerry Smartphones 

RIDGELAND, MS. (Sept. 25, 2011) – C Spire Wireless, the nation's largest privately owned wireless communications provider, today announced the relaunch of its latest, ground-breaking original program designed to give music fans a new way to discover and share original music from some of the best rising artists. 

The program, part of C Spire's original programming fall line up, is called "Bright Lights Music" (www.cspire.com/music) and features a state-of-the-art website where promising artists can boost their visibility, promote live performances and develop a broader network of fans by sharing some of the hottest new music available on the market today. 

"We are providing our customers and music fans a differentiated experience through original content that they cannot experience anywhere else or through any other medium," said Suzy Hays, senior vice president of marketing for C Spire.  "Bright Lights allows us to bring this compelling content to the handset in a real and relevant way." 

Bright Lights Music Mobile Website and Customized Music Apps for Android and BlackBerry Smartphones

 In addition to the website, the Bright Lights Music program also features a state-of-the-art mobile website and customized music apps for Android and BlackBerry smartphones so music lovers can download the free music directly to their wireless device and share it with their friends on the go from artists who want to increase their exposure. 

Unlike many other music-related programs, C Spire's Bright Lights Music is free for both artists and music fans. Artists must register to participate in the program, submit at least one song for free download, complete a short biography and provide a promotional picture.  Musicians have the option of uploading their show schedule, additional promotional photos and music videos. 

"We're not just another music-centric social networking site," Hays said. "Our Bright Lights Music community is made up of undiscovered artists hungry for exposure and anyone who loves great music who come together to provide an intuitive platform that lets the stars of tomorrow connect directly with fans." 

Music fans also have the ability to sign up and download full songs, ringtones and wallpapers, rate music, follow their favorite band’s schedule, watch music videos and share their favorite music on Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks – all free of charge.  "Mobilizing music and making it simple and easy for consumers to discover, listen and share the latest original songs with friends is part of our continuing commitment to help consumers get the most out of their wireless device," Hays said. 

Artists to Perform Before Thousands of Music Fans at Bright Lights Sponsored Events, Concerts 


In addition to its suite of web and mobile-based services and resources for artists and music fans, Bright Lights Music also uses existing C Spire sponsorships and relationships to provide performance opportunities for participating artists at sporting events, festivals, concerts and other venues with exposure to legions of music fans. 

C Spire also sponsors monthly contests where the artists whose songs are selected can win up to $1,500.  The next contest, which starts Sept. xx, will feature 10 songs from Bright Lights musicians selected by C Spire music editors based on overall music fan ratings. Music fans will get a voice in ranking content from the rising artists and help ultimately decide whose music gets to the next level. 

C Spire is actively pursuing expansion of its innovative music program through an aggressive allied partnership program, including recruitment of leading record labels, music houses, equipment manufacturers and other music and entertainment businesses and programs.  The company recently signed a strategic partnership with The Recording Academy® Memphis chapter to bring professional development and networking opportunities to Bright Lights musicians.     

Hays said recent industry research shows that more consumers than ever are using their mobile devices to download and listen to music.  The latest report from comScore MobiLens shows that more than 18.6 percent of the 234 million people age 13 and older in the U.S. used mobile devices to listen to music in the three-month period ending in May 2011. 

"Downloading and listening to music is one of the fastest growing and most popular ways that consumers are using their mobile devices," she said.  "The Bright Lights music program is unique as it provides a simple and easy way for fans to discover and share music they may not have heard otherwise while online or on their mobile device.  It shines a light on rising artists and celebrates their original music." 

Along those lines, the C Spire original program "Bright Lights Football" showcases another part of the fabric of our culture – the drama, passion and community pride surrounding high school football.  The award-winning original sports program is coming off of two highly successful seasons and will feature live, primetime telecasts of three high school football rivalry games on FOX Sports South reaching up to 12.9 million households in its third season this fall. 

About C Spire Wireless 

C Spire Wireless is a privately-owned diversified mobile communications company passionately committed to helping customers get the most out of their wireless devices and services.  The nation's largest privately owned wireless communications provider accomplishes this goal by providing the most reliable and advanced 3G nationwide wireless voice and data network, offering industry-leading family and unlimited flat rate voice, text and mobile web plans, and through its online and in-store Discover Centers, which give customers easy, simple and convenient tools, tips, advice and information on how to get the most out of their mobile phone.  For more information about C Spire and its products and services, visit www.cspire.com.