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C Spire Supports FCC’s Efforts to Meet Customer Emergency Communications Needs

Wireless, broadband and business service divisions help consumers, small businesses weather tough times

Ridgeland, Miss. (March 13,2020) – C Spire, a Mississippi-based telecommunications and technology services company, is taking steps to keep its wireless, broadband and business customers connected during this time.

Earlier Friday, the FCC announced commitments by dozens of the nation’s broadband and telecommunications service providers to work with customers negatively impacted by the current public health emergency. C Spire said it supports the FCC’s efforts and is working with customers to make special arrangements.

“We are working closely with our customers to ensure that they have access to the services they need and support for any issues that may arise during this time,” said Hu Meena, president and CEO of C Spire. “We have a proven track record of doing what is right and necessary for customers in times of disruption.”

Meena said the company’s wireless, broadband and business services divisions are working closely with its residential and small business customers to evaluate and respond to rapidly changing circumstances that may affect their service or ability to make timely payments.

“We know that some of our customers will face economic hardship as a result of this public health threat,” Meena said. “That’s why we’re committed to working with them to ensure that they continue to have access to all of the services and assistance they need during this time.”

Meena said C Spire’s unlimited data at gigabit speeds for consumers is ideal for work-from-home applications like video conferencing or participating in online classes.

“We’re also proactively monitoring our services 24/7 to ensure we meet our rigorous standards of excellence,” Meena said. “Our customers and our communities rely on us for fast, dependable services – so we put in the work to build and maintain reliable wireless, fiber, broadband and cloud-based networks that keep them connected.”

Meena said the company is continuing to make its communications and technology resources available to consumers and businesses during this time, including remote access, telecommuting and work-from-home options. “We have a variety of services available that customers can count on in times of need.”

Customers can manage their accounts, pay bills and perform other tasks through the free My C Spire app that’s available on all smartphones. The firm also has a staff of customer service representatives and a robust online shopping platform as an alternative to visiting a store with free next-day shipping in most cases.

For more information about C Spire’s response to the current public health emergency, visit www.cspire.com/news and click on the Covid-19 update. For details on C Spire products and services, visit www.cspire.com.

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