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Vū Digital Enhances Vū for Law Enforcement by Adding A.I. Layer to Identify and Predict Relevant Events from Digital Evidence

Ridgeland, MS. (February 24, 2017) – Vū Digital, a Mississippi-based video metadata company, is enhancing its recently introduced Vu Digital for Law Enforcement solution by adding an artificial intelligence (A.I.) layer to identify and predict relevant events from the digital evidence chain.

Last summer, Vū rolled out its video and audio management simplification tool for use by local law enforcement agencies and police officers outfitted with body cameras. The completely transcribed and searchable video review tool effectively eliminates the need for law enforcement professionals and prosecutors to pore through hundreds of hours of video and audio produced daily by police officers who wear body cameras while on patrol.

Police and prosecutors face a daunting task of identifying, managing and reviewing a veritable tsunami of digital evidence generated daily by officer bodycams, jail house calls, interrogation videos, dispatch calls and closed caption television, which stretches staffing capabilities and resources. Vū automatically extracts video and audio metadata making digital evidence searchable.

Today, Vū Digital for Law Enforcement’s A.I. capabilities deliver a robust and dynamic evidence management solution for law enforcement agencies worldwide. The layer recognizes and identifies events, keywords and sequences of words generated by Vū’s automated tagging engine to tag and identify instances of significance, including confessions, identification of personal information and references to certain “trigger” words.

“Data can exist without A.I., but not vice versa,” said Wade Smith, vice president of operations for Vū Digital. “First, we create data where it otherwise didn’t exist, then we apply an artificial intelligence layer to identify relevant events from the digital evidence. In the end, artificial intelligence is only as powerful as the data it considers.”

Vū Digital for Law Enforcement with A.I leverages years of experience in the vision science field and allows police to move beyond camera video to include jail calls, interviews, interrogations, dispatch calls, dash-cam videos and more. “The promise of A.I. assisted investigations is becoming a reality,” Smith said. “Police and prosecutors appreciate artificial intelligence today, identifying that ‘needle in the haystack’ quickly and efficiently,” Smith said.

Vū Digital’s software solution is proven and mature - in commercial use in media and law enforcement verticals for over two years. Vū Digital for Law Enforcement is an extension of its core technology that has been in development since 2013 and commercially available since early 2015. The state-of-the-art algorithms and distributed processing systems allow for processing thousands of hours of content in only a fraction of the time, delivering searchable video metadata to end users.

“Building on years of experience in vision science, we are now able to tailor our product based on direct customer feedback as opposed to engineering a solution from the ground up” said, Greg Sandifer, global direct salesperson for Vu Digital. “We are excited about our A.I. release because it is the first of its kind in commercial use within the law enforcement arena.”

An earlier version of Vū’s video-to-data product was designed to help content providers better monetize their video assets before the company developed a customized law enforcement user interface using key facial recognition and audio transcription technology.

About Vū Digital
Vū Digital was formed through a commitment to delivering new and innovative solutions for digital content. Vū’s Video-to-Data (V2D) product instantly converts video and audio into the machine-readable medium that search engines, databases, natural language processing (NLP), and distributors know and love best: words. The core technology includes splitting a video into two components: audio and video frames. Both components are then processed using automated speed recognition (ASR), text extraction from images and facial and image recognition. The output is metadata that includes time-stamped references to individual frames. This industry-first approach enables video classification/clustering, search engine indexing and content personalization, including targeted advertising. Vū’s algorithms and the use of an advanced architecture for distributing jobs for processing are patent pending and are one-of-a-kind in the marketplace. Vū is headquartered in Ridgeland, Miss. and is an affiliate of C Spire, a Mississippi-based diversified telecommunications and technology services company.