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C Spire’s Customer-Inspired Shared Data Plans Growing in Popularity Among Consumers

New plans are one of the best values in wireless with built-in data overage protection, more than enough data to share and PERCS loyalty discounts and rewards

Ridgeland, Miss. (August 13, 2014) – C Spire’s new customer-inspired shared data plans, which feature built-in data overage protection, are quickly growing in popularity among families, friends and small businesses who see the option as a simple, easy and convenient way to manage and control their spending on wireless service.

Since introduction of new shared data options earlier this year featuring four lines with unlimited voice, text and 10GBs of data for $160 a month, the percentage of customers with a shared data plan has more than doubled with only 1 percent needing to purchase a top-up pass for additional data.

“We’re giving consumers more of what they want and need and that’s good news for everyone,” said Suzy Hays, senior vice president of Consumer Markets for C Spire. “Giving our customers plans that work for their lives and their wallets has always been our top priority, which is why we provided more shared data plan choices.”

Hays said only 1 percent of shared data plan users purchase a top-up pass and nearly 90 percent of those purchase either a 500 MB or 1 GB top-up pass, proving that the bucket of shared data offered with the plan is meeting customer data needs and that built-in data overage protection works for the small percentage of customers who need to use that option.

C Spire’s shared data plan options offer unmatched flexibility with prices starting as low as $20 for 1 GB of data and ranging to $100 for 10 GBs for up to four smartphones, a cost of only $40 a line. Customers can also take advantage of the company’s smartphone payment plans and its popular PERCS loyalty program for additional discounts, rewards and incentives.

“Whether it’s a family of four or a small business with specific data requirements, C Spire has a shared plan that fits their needs,” Hays said. “Our Shared Data plans allow you to use your device exactly how you want and when you want. When you combine our advanced 4G LTE wireless network, iconic devices and our unique PERCS loyalty rewards, C Spire clearly comes out on top as the best value in wireless.”

Earlier this year, C Spire introduced its $65 Unlimited Everything Plan that offers unlimited nationwide talk, text, pictures, web, streaming music and video with no overages or surprise charges. The company also includes valuable PERCS loyalty discounts and rewards free of charge and will help pay new customers’ Early Termination Fees (ETFs) - up to $200 per line - when they switch to C Spire.

The new plan discounts are applied with a phone purchase on the smartphone payment plan. Users can experience savings on shared data plans or the Unlimited Everything Plan with a new phone purchased on the smartphone payment plan, which offers 24 monthly payments, 0% interest and $0 down with early upgrades for qualified customers.

“Our line-up of Shared and Unlimited plans coupled with our smartphone payment plan are perfect for wireless users considering switching providers, as well as for current C Spire customers,” Hays said. “It’s not just about offering the best price in the industry, but more importantly, it’s about giving customers more for their money, including PERCS loyalty rewards and our best-in-class personal customer service that you just can’t get anywhere else today.”

Customers who are not under a contract can get the $65 plan option or any of the Shared Data plans and either finance a device or buy one outright at retail price. Those customers currently under a service contract with a different plan can switch to the new plan if it makes sense for them.

For more information about C Spire and its shared data plans, go to www.cspire.com/shareddata.

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