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C Spire Wireless teams up with TowerCo on expanded initiative to lease space on carrier’s cell sites

Partnership aimed at helping further reduce need for construction of new facilities

Ridgeland, Miss. - (May 8, 2013) – C Spire Wireless is doing its part to reduce industry demand for new wireless communication facilities by expanding efforts to lease space on its cell sites to competing carriers.

The company has pursued similar programs in the past, but announced an expanded program today with North Carolina-based TowerCo to market and offer leased space on all of its cell sites with available capacity. The program will allow other wireless carriers to locate their facilities on C Spire cell sites, thus reducing construction costs and the need to build new structures.

“TowerCo is a recognized leader in the wireless infrastructure industry and has built a reputation for tower marketing and colocation simplicity,” said David Smith, vice president of Network Engineering for C Spire Wireless. “Their skills in colocation will allow us to focus even more on providing our customers with one of the best mobile broadband experiences anywhere.”

Smith said the agreement with TowerCo will cover all marketing and colocation processing responsibilities for each of the company’s cell sites with available capacity. “It’s essentially a turn-key solution that leverages their strengths while allowing us to maintain management of all other company functions.”

Any wireless provider interested in leasing space on C Spire cell sites with available capacity can access the portfolio of company locations through TowerCo’s “Tower Finder” link at www.towerco.com. In addition, current tenants who are considering modifications can contact TowerCo. Details on each of the C Spire cell sites available for colocation can be accessed by companies once they register at the TowerCo website.

TowerCo CEO Richard Byrne expressed his support of the partnership. “C Spire is a natural fit for us. Combining their expertise in providing coverage and networking quality for their customers with our track record of tower management ensures a successful partnership,” Byrne said.

With over 190,000 existing cell sites in the U.S. representing an investment of over $28.5 billion in construction costs alone, more providers need to consider C Spire’s approach in managing their overall cell site portfolio, according to Smith. “Sharing space and capacity on existing cell sites and avoiding new construction and potential community and local government challenges is a best practice that the industry needs to more fully embrace,” he added.

About TowerCo

TowerCo meets the infrastructure needs of wireless service providers by developing, owning and leasing communication towers. Based in Cary, NC, the company was founded in 2004 by industry veterans Richard Byrne (CEO) and Scot Lloyd (COO). TowerCo currently owns or exclusively manages 585 cell towers throughout the United States. TowerCo is backed by funding from investors Tailwind Capital and Soros Strategic Partners. For more information, visit www.TowerCo.com.

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