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C Spire Wireless takes its Stay Alive: Don’t Text and Drive educational program to East Union Attendance Center with a message to avoid the dangers of distracted driving

In Partnership with the Mississippi Highway Patrol, the C Spire “Stay Alive: Don’t Text and Drive” Education Workshop Series Continues its Mission to Engage Teachers, Students and Parents to Reduce Problem

Blue Springs, Miss., (March 19, 2013) – C Spire Wireless, the nation's only wireless provider that offers consumers a suite of personalized services, will take its “Stay Alive: Don’t Text and Drive” educational program to East Union Attendance Center in Blue Springs today with an 8:30 a.m. workshop for students on the dangers of texting, emailing and driving.

Now in its sixth year, “Stay Alive: Don’t Text and Drive” features comprehensive in-school workshops presented by C Spire and the Mississippi Highway Patrol where teachers, students, school administrators and parents can learn more about the dangers of texting while driving and gather the necessary tools to prevent it in their communities. More than 33,000 individuals have participated in 50 workshops during the first five years of the program.

“Unfortunately, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, some states in the Southeast have among the highest rates of teenage driving fatalities in the nation. With Stay Alive: Don’t Text and Drive, C Spire hopes to change that statistic by being a leader in the fight against texting and driving,” said Jim Richmond, vice president of Corporate Communications for C Spire. “As a wireless provider, we want to make sure our customers are using our service and devices responsibly. Educating consumers early on in their lives is critical in creating healthy driving habits – free of distractions like texting.”

The 2013 season of “Stay Alive: Don’t Text and Drive” program kicked off earlier this month with a workshop at Yazoo County High School. The successful program, which is managed and funded by C Spire in cooperation with the Mississippi Highway Patrol, is a comprehensive educational initiative that directly connects with the entire community in an attempt to stop texting and driving among teens and young drivers.

In addition to local in-school workshops, the Stay Alive program also features a website that provides additional statistics and educational tools so educators and families can go online to learn more about the fight to end texting and driving. The site also hosts an online pledge that drivers can sign to stop texting while driving, as well as the company’s latest public service announcements about the program.

“Texting and driving is a major issue we deal with every day and we are pleased to partner with C Spire in these efforts to make our children aware of its dangers,” said Master Sgt. Johnny Poulos, director of Public Affairs for the Mississippi Highway Patrol. “The Stay Alive: Don’t Text and Drive program helps reinforce a very important driver safety message.”

For more information about C Spire’s Stay Alive: Don’t Text and Drive educational program or to schedule a workshop at your school, visit www.cspire.com/stayalive or send an email message to wirelesssafety@cspire.com.

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