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C Spire Wireless launches Social PERCS, industry’s first social rewards program

As the first social media rewards venture of its kind in the wireless space, customers and others can earn PERC points just for interacting with the company on social networking sites

Ridgeland, Miss. (March 7, 2013) – C Spire Wireless, the only U.S. wireless provider that offers consumers and businesses a suite of personalized services and experiences, launched a new social rewards program today that gives users the chance to earn points just for participating in social media activity on sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Foursquare.

C Spire is pioneering the social rewards revolution and providing its customers and all wireless consumers unique incentives for “liking,” “sharing,” commenting or tweeting about the company or one of its products or services. To participate in the program, users must create a PERCS profile on the company website. For users who already have a PERCS profile, all they need to do is connect their social media accounts to start earning reward points. To join Social PERCS, users sign up at www.cspire.com/rewards.

Participants will now be able to earn PERCS reward points by simply checking into a C Spire Wireless retail location and C Spire fan events on Foursquare, subscribing, watching or “liking” a company video on YouTube, commenting on a Facebook post or retweeting a C Spire Twitter post, “liking” the C Spire Facebook page or “liking” and “sharing” a comment on the company’s Facebook page. Users can redeem their points for various rewards, including savings on accessories, free shipping, easier upgrades, device discounts, gift cards and more.

“C Spire’s Social PERCS program directly aligns with our mission to wirelessly connect people in a unique and personalized way, as well as elevate everyone’s wireless experience,” said Jim Richmond, vice president of Corporate Communications for C Spire Wireless. “Whether it’s on a social network or on a mobile device, C Spire is offering wireless users a refreshing change from the ‘Old School’ industry standard. Our customers are not numbers or dollar signs. They are valued members of our personalized wireless community and PERCS is our way of showing our appreciation and thanking them for their daily engagement.”

The launch of Social PERCS closely follows a major expansion of the PERCS rewards program with customers now able to redeem PERCS reward points for gift cards from national retailers as well as a C Spire-branded bill pay card. “With a broad range and variety of national retailers now participating in the gift card redemption program, there’s something for everyone – allowing for personalized choices on how to use rewards,” Richmond added.

Social PERCS was a next logical step for the company, which is known as a wireless innovator on a mission to engage customers on a personalized level, according to Richmond. “We want our customers and others to earn something in return for their loyalty in the social media space. It’s our way of saying thank you.”

PERCS: Personalized Rewards

C Spire’s PERCS program is the nation’s first consumer engagement-based loyalty program that rewards customers for personalizing their wireless experience. Users can earn PERCS reward points by simply interacting with the company and doing things like sharing their views on the company’s community social forum, being a loyal customer and engaging in activities on their way to personalizing their wireless experience. Customers also earn Status PERCS for their loyalty and tenure.

Since its inception, C Spire customers have taken full advantage of PERCS’ benefits, with nearly 345,000 members, including nearly 71,000 non-customers, earning more than 190 million PERCS reward points. To date, customers have redeemed their Status PERC points for more than 300,000 rewards.

Personalized wireless at C Spire is a compilation of a number of different wireless services and programs that combine to reflect and serve each customer’s unique needs. Customers see this unique personalization in apps and content that fit who they are, services that anticipate their needs, and rewards they’ll get just for using their phone in new ways. Wireless users can look for additional personalized experiences coming soon from C Spire.

For more information on C Spire’s Social PERCS program, visit www.cspire.com/rewards.

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C Spire Wireless is a diversified wireless communications company passionately committed to helping customers by personalizing wireless services designed just for them. The company is the first wireless provider in the U.S. to personalize customers’ experience by offering apps that fit who they are, services that anticipate their needs, and rewards for using their phone in new ways – all with seamless ease and at amazingly fast speeds. This news release and other announcements are available at www.cspire.com/news. For more information about C Spire Wireless and its products and services, visit www.cspire.com or follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/cspire or Twitter at www.twitter.com/cspire or Google + or www.pinterest.com/cspirewireless