Ditch your contract.

We'll help with
up to $650.


The #1 network has you covered from coast to coast, now with twice the nationwide LTE coverage. But don't take our work for it. See for yourself.

Ditch your contract for the #1 unlimited, rated "best value" in wireless. We'll help with up to $650.


Purchase a new smartphone on a device plan
This offer is for new customers or new lines on existing C Spire accounts.

Port your current number.
During the checkout process, choose the option "Keep the phone number you already have" on the Phone Info page.

Choose the option to trade in your old smartphone.
When prompted, choose "Continue and trade in a device on each selected line." You'll send us your old smartphone once you receive your new one.


Send us your old smartphone.
Once you receive your new smartphone, use the included return envelope to send your old one to us. Remember, it must be in good working order. If you're returning an iPhone, make sure that Find My iPhone is turned off.

Don't forget to include documentation.
Within 45 days of receiving your new smartphone, send back the following in the envelope provided: 1) your old smartphone, 2) the completed Application for Switching Credit form and 3) the bill from your former carier showing the Early Termination Fee amount or the final device payment plan balance.

Receive a bill credit on your C Spire account.
If you were paying for your smartphone monthly, you'll receive up to a $650 bill credit. If, instead, you bought your smartphone outright, you'll receive up to a $350 credit to cover the Early Termination Fee from your old carrier.
Purchase an eligible smartphone on device plan (24 months/0% APR).

Get a second smartphone of equal or lesser value for free after 24 monthly bill credits. Discount cannot exceed $720.

Both smartphones must be on eligible service plans and can be on a new line activation or upgrade on an existing subscription. 10GB with Unlimited basic data is not eligible for this promotion.

Please Note: You'll still have to make the first two monthly device payments. On your third bill, you'll receive credit for the first three months on the discounted device. After that, you'll see a credit applied to your device each month until it's paid off in 21 months.

If you change either device to a non-qualified plan, deactivate or upgrade before 24 months, you'll be charged the remaining balance of the discounted smartphone.
Which phones are eligible for this promotion?
  • iPhone 8/8+
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 7/7+
  • Samsung GS9/9+
  • Samsung GS8/8+
  • Samsung Note8
  • Samsung Galaxy J3
  • Motorola Moto E4
  • LG K8+
  • LG X Charge

When will I see the discounts applied towards my device?
The financed amount on the discounted device will be divided into 24 monthly payments. Two monthly payments without bill credits are required on the discounted phone. On your third bill, the discounts for those payments will be credited back to your account, along with the discount for your third month. Then, you'll continue to see a device payment discounts on your bill each month for the remainder of your device plan term (24 mos).

If a down payment is required, will I still be eligible for the promotion?
You will receive up to $720 off of the amount financed (price of device less any down payment or trade in) on the discounted device. Discounted amount cannot exceed the price of the device.

What happens if I change my plan?
If you change either device to a non-qualified plan, you'll be charged the remaining total balance for the discounted smartphone.

What happens if I deactivate or upgrade before 24 months?
If you deactivate or upgrade the discounted phone or the qualifying phone, you will be charged the remaining balance of the discounted device at full price less any original trade in value. You will not have to pay for the discounts received prior to deactivation or upgrade. If you upgrade on the line with the discounted device, you will be charged the remaining balance of the discounted device at full price less any original trade in value. You will not have to pay for the discounts received prior to deactivation or upgrade.

Offer available to well-qualified buyers for limited time only. Requires new smartphone activation on device plan, qualifying trade-in, and port-in. Complete documentation of customer's early termination fee (ETF) or balance due on device installment plan with prior carrier must be submitted within 90 days of new activation. Get up to $650 bill credit for device installment plan balance (or up to $350 bill credit for ETF) within 45-60 days, after receipt of Application for Switching Credit and bill from prior carrier, listing early termination fee amount or final device installment balance. Submitted bill must match the phone number switched to C Spire. New C Spire account must be current on payments to receive bill credit. Qualifying trade-in devices must be working, able to power up, and unlock, and have at minimum a standard $40 buyback value to qualify. No liquid damage. LCD, front and back glass cannot be broken and devices cannot be modified or disassembled. Device plan is only available to certain credit classes and qualifications must be met prior to enrollment. Device balance is due if wireless service is canceled. May not be usable with other offers. Other restrictions may apply. ©2017 C Spire. All rights reserved.