Tell your legislators you want computer science in every school.

Our kids.
Our economy.  
Our future.    

Everything's on the line when it comes to computer science education in our schools.

Less than half of our public high schools teach computer science - a key part of most jobs today and every job tomorrow. No computer science means lower income and fewer jobs.

C Spire Foundation Commits $1 Million to Help Fund Computer Science Education

Technology firm's non-profit arm supports efforts to get critical learning component in all classrooms

Legislative Tracker

Bill introduced.

House committee votes.

Full House Chamber votes.

Senate committee votes on bill from House.

Full Senate chamber votes on bill from House.

House and Senate agree on amendments.

Bill passed!


is the average salary for MS computing job


unfilled computing jobs right now in MS


only 207 computer science graduates in MS last year


of parents want schools to teach computer science

Our neighbors require computer science.

Alabama | Georgia | Arkansas | Florida | Texas | South Carolina

Mississippi can't afford to lose the high-paying tech jobs of the future.

Let's get this done now.

Did you know?

When it comes to computer science education, we don't just talk the talk.

Since 2015, C Spire has invested countless resources to support computer science in schools across Mississippi. Now we need your help.