Educating tomorrow's tech workforce.

We're working with educators and institutions across Mississippi to introduce students to computer science (CS) and help them explore new opportunities and future careers in computing.

Today, few of our schools teach computer science, a subject that will have a huge impact on our economy and prepare students for tomorrow's careers. Join the movement and help us change the game.

of all public high schools in MS teach computer science.


of principals surveyed think CS is just as or more important than required core classes.


of all new jobs in STEM fields are in computing.


of schools in Mississippi teach AP computer science.

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Computer Science in Mississippi

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We're helping to expand programs and create new ones so every Mississippi school district can offer quality computer science education.

0+ Teachers

We're furthering Mississippi teachers' knowledge of computer science and equipping them with tools to share it with students.

0k+ Students

We're creating a wide variety of pathways for Mississippi students to develop their interest and skills in computer science, opening doors for their future.

Send a letter asking your school leadership to expand computer science.

C3 Coding Challenge Invests in the Tech Leaders of the Future

We are leading the way! The C Spire team believes in investing in the students who will one day be technology and community leaders.

That's one of the reasons we created Tech Movement - a C Spire initiative aimed at moving Mississippi communities forward through technology development.

C Spire + Code Learn to code!

Coding can be just as fun as it is important in today's world. Check out some easy-to-use resources from organizations like, which can teach you about the inner workings of websites, apps, phones and more.

Coding Challenges

We're hosting annual coding challenges — C3 and C3 Junior — that teach coding skills to young people and allow them to compete for prizes and scholarships, also pairing them with a C Spire mentor so they can learn about the tech career field from someone with experience.

Software Development Pathway

We're partnering with educators on a groundbreaking program that provides Mississippi students with vital computing skills, preparing them to either enter the workforce or continue their tech education within a year of graduating high school.

Pepper Tours

We're raising awareness and interest in technology for young people across the region with the help of Pepper, C Spire's friendly humanoid robot, who has interacted with thousands of students and made hundreds of stops at schools and museums.


We're a founding sponsor of this visionary and intensive 12-month software development program, which provides students with a quality coding education at no cost and has already led to exciting careers at leading tech companies for several graduates.


We've presented over $3 million through dozens of scholarships and grants, including the prestigious C Spire-Nokia Bell Labs Fellowship, providing the fuel for students to gain quality computer science and engineering educations and launch long careers in technology.

At C Spire, we're more than customer inspired.
We are community inspired.