Connecting people through broadband access.

We're expanding our fiber footprint and exploring new technologies to grow high-speed internet access and adoption in underserved areas, helping our communities compete in today's economy.


We are continuing to invest in infrastructure for 1Gbps fiber internet. As the U.S.'s eighth largest residential fiber provider, we have over 9,000 miles in the ground in our region, meaning many of our communities already have access to the ultra-fast fiber internet they need for today and tomorrow.


We partner with other industry leaders on the Mississippi Optical Network (MissiON), providing 100Gbps fiber infrastructure to research institutions and universities across our home state. This opens the door to greater discoveries in everything from augmented reality to machine learning.

Rural Broadband


We collaborate with Airspan Network, Microsoft, Nokia and Siklu to research new technologies and business models that will inform how broadband access advances across rural communities in Mississippi and Alabama.

Phazr 5G

We developed the first affordable 5G millimeter wave solution for fixed wireless internet in our home state of Mississippi, allowing for download speeds up to 750Mbps, upload speeds up to 600Mbps and latency as low as 8 milliseconds.

We're more than customer inspired.
We are community inspired.