Taking broadband access farther than ever.

From expanding our fiber footprint to exploring new technologies. We're working to grow broadband access and adoption in underserved areas, so our communities have what they need to compete in today's economy.


We operate over 10,000 miles of fiber infrastructure, making C Spire the eighth largest residential provider in the U.S. And we aren't slowing down. We add about 100 miles each month, connecting cities and rural communities like Jasper, Quitman, Crystal Springs and more.


We provide 100 gigabit fiber to research institutions and universities through the Mississippi Optical Network (missiON). This opens the door for greater advancements in everything from augmented reality to machine learning.

Rural Broadband


We collaborate with Airspan Network, Microsoft, Nokia, Siklu and Telesat to research new technologies and business models. Our research determines the best paths for bringing broadband access to rural communities.

Alabama Rural
Broadband Coalition

We work alongside Alabama lawmakers and community leaders to help expand high-speed internet access throughout the state. Greater broadband adoption delivers a wide range of benefits, from enhancing education to generating new job opportunities.

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