Our kids. Our economy. Our future. Everything's on the line when it comes to computer science education in our schools.

The time is now, Mississippi.


Computer Science in Mississippi

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0+ Districts

We're helping to expand programs and create new ones so every Mississippi school district can offer quality computer science education.

0+ Teachers

We're furthering Mississippi teachers' knowledge of computer science and equipping them with tools to share it with students.

0k+ Students

We're creating a wide variety of pathways for Mississippi students to develop their interest and skills in computer science, opening doors for their future.

C Spire Health Mobile

Healthcare,on call. A revolutionary mobile app that helps connect Mississippi communities to the healthcare they need.

C Spire Health is an initiative of the C Spire Tech Movement.

Our Focus Areas

Tech Education

We're partnering with parents, educators and influencers to expand computer science education across Mississippi.

Tech Innovation

We're developing new technologies and laying groundwork for a future where our region isn't just keeping up ‐ it's leading the way.

Broadband Access

We're exploring paths to bridge the digital divide in largely underserved communities in our region.

C3 Coding Challenge Invests in the Tech Leaders of the Future

We are leading the way! The C Spire team believes in investing in the students who will one day be technology and community leaders.

That's one of the reasons we created Tech Movement - a C Spire initiative aimed at moving Mississippi communities forward through technology development.


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