Stadium Wi-Fi FAQs


C Spire WiFi Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
C Spire WiFi is free for all attending an Ole Miss football game!

How do I access the network?

  1. Tap Settings on your device and make sure that Wi-Fi is turned on.
  2. Check the available networks that appear under: Choose a Network.
  3. Tap C Spire Wi-Fi
  4. Enter your email address and tap connect
  5. Follow the prompts to quickly gain access to high speed C Spire WiFi

I do not see a connect page after I select C Spire WiFi?
Some devices, such as Android devices, block pop up screens when attempting to connect to WiFi. If you experience this inconvenience, please navigate to a webpage to activate the C Spire WiFi connect page and follow the steps to connect.

Where is C Spire WiFi available?
C Spire WiFi is available throughout Vaught Hemingway Stadium. It is also available throughout the Pavilion and the concourse area between the Pavilion and Vaught Hemingway Stadium.

What if I get disconnected after my initial connection?
Your device should automatically reestablish reconnection. If not, please follow the above steps to reconnect.

Is C Spire Wi-Fi secure?
C Spire takes great care in ensuring that our networks are as secure as possible. However, there are risks when you use any Wi-Fi network. C Spire recommends that you take great care in the information you share while using any Wi-Fi network.

Why am I not able to connect to C Spire WiFi?
There could be several reasons:

  1. Make sure Wi-Fi is on
  2. Make sure you choose C Spire WiFi in your device settings
  3. ‘Forget’ the network in your device settings and try reconnecting

Why do I have to view an ad before connecting?
I’m sure you are aware that most free apps and services include this. C Spire’s partnership with advertisers allow us to provide high speed WiFi at no cost to Vaught Hemingway attendees during football games.