Public Safety
Priority on the #1 network.

For C Spire, public safety is #1. That's why, for no additional cost, we now offer public safety first responders data priority network access. This prioritizes your connection when you need it most, providing enhanced LTE quality of service, lower latency, and optimized packet delivery rates.
Data Priority Comparison Chart
Getting started with our Data Priority service couldn't be easier. Simply fill out the form below to establish your account as a public safety first responder. Approval typically takes less than 48 hours.
Calling priority also available. Register with Homeland Security.

First Responder Unlimited Plans

Smartphone Enhanced $44.49
(includes tethering)

Smartphone Standard $39.49
(excludes tethering)

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Data Priority and First Responder plans.

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  1. Data Priority should be requested for those users who are first responders in the areas of law enforcement, fire protection, or emergency services. Usage is intended for official business or government use only.
  2. If you have a personal phone line needing data priority, please have a valid public safety entity submit the form above on your behalf.