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Customer inspired means being there for you – especially when you need us most. We want to make it easier for customers impacted by COVID-19 to stay connected through their C Spire Home or Wireless services.

If coronavirus has directly affected you or your family, you may be eligible for our COVID-19 Special Payment Assistance program and a Consolidated Payment Plan.

Once enrolled, your account will not be suspended or receive late fees for missed payments through June 30. After that date, your total past due balance from your June bill will be split up into four monthly installments, with the first installment appearing on your July bill. Your account will remain active provided that you thereafter make all scheduled payments.

Enter your account information and answer the questions below. We’ll evaluate each request individually and work with qualifying customers to offer assistance.

You only need to submit this form once. Once enrolled, your account is protected from suspension through June 30.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is COVID-19 Special Payment Assistance for?

This program is only for customers directly impacted by COVID-19 and does not extend to other circumstances. Once enrolled, your services will not be suspended provided that you make all scheduled payments, but be aware that your normal monthly billing will continue. Standard wireless data restrictions apply. This program is not available for prepaid wireless customers.

When will I have to start paying back my past due balance?

If eligible for a COVID-19 Consolidated Payment Plan, your first payment will be due in July. Your total past due balance on your June bill will be split into four monthly payments starting with your July bill.

Will I have to pay back my past due balance all at once?

No, if you’re eligible for a COVID-19 Consolidated Payment Plan, we will split your past due balance into four monthly payments with the first starting on your July bill to make it easier to pay it over time.

If I am already enrolled in COVID 19 special payment assistance is any action needed to opt into making the payments monthly?

No, if you have already enrolled in COVID-19 Special Payment Assistance, no action is needed to have your past due balance divided into four monthly payments.

Will I be charged any late fees on the past due balance in July?

You will not be charged any late fees from the time you enrolled in the COVID-19 Special Payment Assistance through June 30. However, starting with your July bill, late fees will be charged if you do not make a full and timely payment of monthly amounts due.

Once I am enrolled, will I still be able to make payments towards my total balance?

Any payments prior to June 27 will lower the amount of your monthly installments. During the course of paying your monthly installments, you are free to make payments larger than the minimum monthly installment amount at any time to reduce the total amount owed.


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