more towers,
better coverage.

There are now more towers in your area than ever – and that means massive enhancements to your network experience.

powered up in
more places.

Get ready for ultra-reliable. More towers in your area means a stronger, more consistent LTE coverage in your area, even in locations where you may have had spotty service before.

make calls,
use data.
do both at once

With our new towers, you’ll experience all of our latest network enhancements, including voice and data at the same time for select Apple devices, plus HD-quality voice calls.

frequently asked questions

When will these network enhancements be available?

As you’re reading this. Seriously. We’ve already made the necessary changes so you can start enjoying more reliable coverage in Memphis and the surrounding areas now.

What changes should I expect?

With more towers available, you’ll have stronger connections and more reliable coverage in your area, even in locations where you previously had spotty service.

Do I need to do anything to enjoy these benefits?

No, the new towers are already active and bringing better-than-ever coverage in Memphis and the surrounding areas. For the most reliable network experience overall, make sure you have a phone with Voice over LTE, or VoLTE, capability. See which phones C Spire can currently offer this feature on.