C Spire Labs

Imagine. Involve. Innovate.

Pioneers and free thinkers. Trendsetters and trailblazers. At C Spire, we're a lot of things. Mostly, we're doers. That's why we're testing new ideas and exploring unknown territory with C Spire Labs.

Our Projects

  • C Spire Rural Broadband Consortium

    We collaborate with Airspan Networks, Microsoft, Nokia and Siklu to research new tech and business models that can help expand broadband access across rural communities.

  • Precision Agriculture

    We partnered with a smart equipment firm and farmers in our region to support the next evolution of agriculture, reducing water usage and increasing crop yields.

  • Phazr 5G

    We developed the first affordable 5G millimeter wave solution for homes in Mississippi, with download speeds up to 750 Mbps and latency as low as 8 milliseconds.

Wait until you see what's next.

Check back soon for more C Spire Labs projects. In the meantime, learn about all of our other C Spire Tech Movement initiatives.

Our goals.

We study a wide range of technologies. Some will lead to mind-blowing services for our customers. Others may be groundwork for big changes down the line. Either way, expect something exciting.

Our process.

Through C Spire Labs projects, participants will be the first to see new tech in action. Testing is temporary, though. Afterward, C Spire experiences will go back to normal ‐ for now, at least.