Android Devices

See trade-in values
No trade-in? You can still save $550.

How it works

  • Trade in your phone
    and get up to $200 off your new phone. See values here. Don’t have a trade-in? You still get $550 off.
  • For an additional $550 off,
    port in your current number, activate a new line, purchase the phone using a device plan (24 months/0% APR) and sign up for any unlimited data plan.
  • Please Note:
    Your bill credits will not appear on your first two bills. On your third bill, you’ll receive discounts for your first three months. After that, you’ll see a credit each month until it’s paid off in 21 months.

* If you change to a non-qualified plan, deactivate or upgrade before 24 months, you’ll be charged the remaining total balance of the smartphone.


When will I see the discounts applied toward my device?

The value for your trade in will be applied in full towards the price of your new device, and the remaining amount will be divided into 24 monthly payments. Two monthly payments without bill credits are required on the discounted phone. On your third bill, the discounts for those payments will be credited back to your account, along with the discount for your third month. Then, you'll continue to see a device payment discounts on your bill each month for the remainder of your device plan term (24 mos).

If a down payment is required, will I still be eligible for the promotion?

You will receive $550 off of the amount financed (price of phone less any down payment or trade in).

What happens if I deactivate or upgrade before 24 months?

You will be charged the remaining balance of the smartphone at full price less original trade in value. You will not have to pay for the discounts received prior to deactivation or upgrade.

What happens if I change my plan?

If you change to a non-qualified plan, deactivate or upgrade before 24 months, you'll be charged the remaining total balance of the smartphone.

$550 Off: Offer available for a limited time only; prices subject to change. Not transferable; not redeemable for cash. Offer requires port-in of phone number and one new line activation with purchase of eligible smartphone on 24 mo. device plan agreement. $550 off after application of 24 monthly bill credits. Unlimited with CashBack on Your Bill or Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data service plan required for 24 mo. term of device plan agreements. $0 down for well-qualified credit or down payment may be required. Retail price less any down payment or trade in value is divided equally into 24 mo. bill credits. Taxes on full retail price less trade in value due at sale. Bill credit applied to account in good standing for months 1-3 on the 3rd billing cycle and monthly thereafter for the remainder of the 24 mo. device plan agreement term. Service must remain active and in good standing and device must remain on its device plan agreement for entire term to receive all credits. Cancellation of service, failure to pay device plan agreement or plan change to a non-qualified plan will accelerate installments remaining due on smartphone at full device plan price. Upgrades, returns, exchanges may void promotion credits. Purchase limits, credit approval, taxes, fees, monthly, activation and other charges may apply. Trade in: Trade in value up to $200. Postpaid activation required. Limited time only. Phones must be working, able to power up, and unlock. No liquid damage. LCD, front and back glass cannot be broken and devices cannot be modified or disassembled. Trade in value limited up to the cost of the new device purchased. See details at© C Spire. All rights reserved.