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About SNAP Television

C Spire SNAP television provides you with the latest technology to make your entertainment better and more dependable then ever.

  • High Definition and Standard Definition channels
  • Record 2 HD shows while watching more
  • Whole home DVR
  • Live, local customer service


Television Packages:

  • Basic Package
  • Expanded Package
  • Deluxe Package
  • Public Viewing
  • CD Quality Music Channels


Now you can record your favorite programs when you are watching a movie, watching another favorite program or when you aren't home. You can instantly record a program while you are watching it and fast forward through the commercials if you have to rewind the program. You can schedule upcoming programs for recording and record your favorite sitcom so you don't miss any of the excitement.

The Amino 540 DVR's 160 GB of storage which allows you to be able to record:

  • 151 hours of SD/ Standard digital TV or
  • 69 hours of HD/ Hi definition TV

So grab some popcorn and get comfortable - now you can enjoy the theatre experience in your own home!

>>> Read our DVR Program Info Sheet (PDF)


Ready to enjoy theatre-like quality from the comfort of your own couch?

It is time for you to check out our HDTV (high definition television). LDS flat screens, plasma and projectors in HD are all the rage! Introduced in the 1960's, HD is now really taking off! The falling prices of HD capable televisions are fueling the fad.

So what is HD?
Although there are lots of different variables, the idea is simple - a better quality image on your television screen. If you want to get more specific, HD is a digital signal that uses newer technology to compress your video image while still doubling (or better) the depth and clarity of the video. This is accomplished by increasing the amount of lines that are in each image. Still undecided? Here are some benefits of HD to consider:

  • You just can't beat the picture quality! Enjoy deeper, richer color.
  • HD uses Dolby Digital (AC-3) format to support "5.1" surround sound. With the right programming and an HDTV with all the right components, it is like having a mini-movie theatre in your own home!
  • Even the dimensions of HD programming are geared toward the "wide-screen" you are accustomed to seeing in the theatre! Whereas SD (standard definition) televisions use a 4:3 ratio, HD programming is 16:9 - more like a movie theatre. Why not view your shows in the format they were created for?
  • More and more content is being developed for HD. Now, you can enjoy local channels as well as special programs and sports in HD.

So grab some popcorn and get comfortable - now you can enjoy the theatre experience in your own home!

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