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About SNAP Phone

With C Spire SNAP phone service, get premium local and long distance services.

  • Incredible call clarity
  • Competitive prices
  • Keep your current telephone number

Unlimited Area Code Calling Plan or Nationwide Unlimited Plan

Free Calling Features:

  • Call Block
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Forwarding Busy - Telephone number must be provided
  • Call Forwarding No Answer - Telephone number must be provided
  • Call Return
  • Call Waiting Deluxe
  • Call ID Deluxe
  • Repeat Dialing
  • Ringmaster (Distinctive Ring) - Telephone number to be given
  • Speed Calling - 30 Number
  • Three Way Calling
  • Voice Mail

Phone Blocks:

  • Block 900 # Calling*
  • Block ALL Toll Calling*
  • Block International Calling*
  • Block Operator Assisted Calls*

Other Available Features:

  • Basic Inside Wire Maintenance**

    (Maintenance agreement on telephone, television & Internet wiring.)

  • Residential Voice Mail
  • Business Voice Mail
  • Additional line with features
  • Nationwide Unlimited long distance

*Indicates free features which are activated only upon request.
**Feature not available in all Locations.

* Additional monthly charges for voice mail, features, taxes, and other fees may apply where applicable. Price shown is the monthly rate when subscribing to bundled phone, Internet, and television. All package and individual prices are subject to change.