Data center services to power & protect your business.

Unlock a nationwide network of state-of-the-art data centers, giving you reliable, secure access to your vital data.


Reliable. Efficient. Secure.

C Spire's access to 180+ data centers across the United States offers best-in-class facilities at a competitive price. We fully own and operate four data centers across the Southeast offering a range of hosting options for customers. From inexpensive public hosting to Uptime Institute Certified Tier III centers with the highest levels of availability, security, and reporting standards. Our data centers provide clients peace of mind for colocation, disaster recovery, and managed & cloud services.

Key features of our data center solutions:

  • Reliable: C Spire's multiple layers of redundancy include flywheels, UPS and diesel generators. In addition, we maintain a robust data replication grid to ensure business continuity.
  • Efficient: The C Spire data centers use a copper grounding system, overhead power and industry standard HVAC controls. Ionized humidifiers, ductless A/C units, and cold water chilling ensure an efficient, optimal environment for your equipment.
  • Secure: All data center visitors must verify their identity through key cards and biometric screening. Our facilities are also under constant video surveillance, and we adhere to independent audit requirements such as PCI and SOC 1 & 2
  • Tier III: We offer a range of hosting options for customers, from inexpensive public hosting all the way to Uptime Institute Certified Tier III centers with the highest levels of availability, security, and reporting standards.


IT professionals count on C Spire when they want to utilize their current equipment and staff to manage and maintain their infrastructure but need to house it in a secure, state-of-the-art facility. Key card and biometric access can be granted for approved individuals to perform necessary maintenance 24/7.

Managed Colocation

Take advantage of the expertise of the C Spire data center engineers while utilizing your current hardware. By allowing us to manage your existing hardware in our facility, you instantly gain security, compliance and engineering resources. Most companies experience cost savings and increased efficiency as a result of implementing this solution.


Digital transformation isn't just a buzz word anymore. Companies are realizing the benefits of a fully managed network and infrastructure through public, private and hybrid cloud options. The C Spire cloud solution takes the burden out of managing technology so you can focus on growing your business. C Spire offers a range of service delivery options, from pure self-service, on-demand public cloud offerings to fully managed, customized, private hosting solutions.

Edge Locations

C Spire Cloud operates a network of world-class cloud delivery edge locations across the Mid-South and beyond. This enables a hyper speed, low-latency deployment for our customers— with primary application resources deployed to the closest edge for high-speed performance and secondary applications tiered to cost-effective regions. C Spire Cloud and Managed Services is the cloud fabric of choice for hyperscale, public, private and hybrid deployments for financial institutions, healthcare providers, insurance and state government agencies.