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Other carriers offer LTE service. We offer LTE+. We implement unique technologies across our network to ensure our wireless customers receive the highest quality network experience available.

Light Speed Fiber

The fiber optic connections between our cell sites mean speeds of up to 1Gbps - the fastest connections in the state.

2X Receivers per Cell Site

4-branch antennas receive diversity is employed to increase the quality and reliability of your wireless signal.

In-Building Penetration

Femtocells and Distributed Antenna Systems help deliver improved signal inside homes, businesses, and large multipurpose buildings.

Compression Technology

We utilize the latest compression techniques to deliver rich, immersive internet content.

In-region support
Dedicated In-Region Support

Providing accessible support from Care members who live and work in the communities we serve is a unique C Spire promise. When you face a problem, you’ll know the teams beforehand that are going to provide support. That’s something you can only get by choosing a local provider.

In addition to face-to-face support, C Spire operates business-dedicated inbound support call centers in Ridgeland, MS, Meadville, MS, and Mobile, AL. These teams and our award-winning IT experts are ready to help you with a simple click or call.

Born where you live
Born Where You Live

We got our start in the 50’s as a local exchange carrier offering phone service to underserved areas in Mississippi. When major carriers deemed our region unprofitable, we made it our mission to deliver vital service to our communities.

Then and now, our vision forces other major carriers to compete for business in a region they’d otherwise neglect. Today, we’re the only nationwide LTE+ network that was born where you live. And we never stop improving and refining to make your local network faster and stronger.