C Spire Virtual Data Center

Control it all. Or let our experts manage it for you. Either way, C Spire Virtual Data Center pairs the agility you've come to expect from the cloud with the security and stability you can build your business on. We'll manage it for you.

Infrastructure on demand

With C Spire Virtual Data Center (vDC), customers get a resource pool consisting of CPU, RAM, storage, and networking. Using our Cloud Management Portal, users can create custom virtual servers and dynamically allocate these resources as application demands change or IT needs evolve. You'll have access to reliable, maintenance-free servers on demand - all without having to own and maintain the physical infrastructure required to support them.

icon rent vcpu

Rent vCPU, vRAM, storage and network monthly

icon backup solutions

Full suite of Disaster Recovery and Backup solutions available

icon assign resources

Assign resources to shape your VMs as you see fit

VMs may be configured to a maximum of 16 vCPU x 64GB vRAM 8 storage disks up to 2TB per disk

icon monitor your virtual machines

Monitor your virtual machine and set customized alerts

icon build vm templates

Build VM templates for fast deployment

icon firewall security

Firewalls, Load Balancing, and network security options

icon windows server linux

Windows Server & Linux available or Bring Your Own OS

Block Storage

C Spire provides all flash, persistent block storage volume options for your Virtual Data Center instance with a focus on consistent, low-latency performance, reliability, and security. Additional IOPS provisioning available.

Object Storage
  • Multi-protocol API support

    Swift, S3, Atmos, etc.

  • Geo diverse data distribution with geo-caching

  • Data at rest and across sites encryption

  • Active-Active read/write

Redefining performance with the C Spire Network.
icon low latency slas

Low Latency SLAs

icon no data transfer fees

No Data Transfer Fees

icon leading recovery time objectives

Leading Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs)

icon hybridlink

Secure connections to public cloud providers via C Spire® HybridLink

It's simpler with C Spire Cloud
icon no data transfer fees

No data transfer fees

icon dedicated network access port

Dedicated or Best Effort network access port available

icon low latency

Low latency, high bandwidth interconnects available on the C Spire network.

icon onboarding and migration services

Onboarding and migration services available

Who's using vDC?
icon allocate storage

Customers who required a lot of resources and wish to allocate them outside of pre-defined CPU/RAM/storage configurations.

icon large scale deployments

Large scale cloud deployments

icon workload

Customers who have or foresee a variable workload that will call for dynamic reallocation of resources.