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Optimized for vital services, C Spire’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is more than a backup solution. The service features full-scale virtual infrastructure replication and failover, and ensures our customers will see minimal disruption during a recovery event.

  • Automated Server Replication to C Spire’s Tier III+ Datacenter

  • Recovery over wire or full system recovery in the cloud

  • Lightweight, always-on block level VM change streams

  • Point-in-Time recovery options

  • Hybrid, Public, or Private Cloud protection

Replicated virtual infrastructure lives in C Spire’s cloud and can be live in minutes. Failover and sync provide continuity to your business and infrastructure in the event of a disaster and provide options for point-in-time recovery options.

C Spire DR/BC Platform Benefits

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Single solution for disaster recovery and data protection

Always On

Data loss in seconds and continuous replication of VM block-level changes with no snapshots

Hypervisor Based

Scalable to thousands of VMs with no agents required inside protected VMs

Recover Anything

Recover any file system object from seconds before corruption or deletion


Rewind and recover from any point in time in seconds up to 2 weeks in the past

Recover any data

Restore SQL, Oracle, Exchange, MySQL database and log files

Improve IT SLAs

Restore user files and folders from seconds before corruption or deletion

Save Space

Space efficient compressed journaling of changes saving 60%+ of storage use

Restore Anywhere

Download & Restore data to any location or instantly access mounted disks

Minimize Impact

Recover sites, applications and files in minutes from any disaster or failure

Use Cases

Business continuity

Entire workloads can be migrated from the private cloud to the public cloud for rapid recovery in the event of unplanned downtime, or they can be migrated to alternate infrastructure in preparation for planned downtime of the primary system.

Disaster recovery

Workloads can be recovered to the cloud for long-term operations in the event of a datacenter loss for any reason. Recovery can be 1:1 or N:1, permitting DR planning for multiple datacenters or locations to a single DR site in the cloud.

Application or datacenter migrations

Applications or entire datacenters can be migrated across different hypervisors and storage with minimal downtime; organizations can leverage new hardware and infrastructure or even migrate to cloud service providers and public cloud resources.

Test/dev environments

Production workloads can be replicated into the cloud, where testing, bug resolution, or other development activities can take place without impacting the production systems.

"Burst" computing

When seasonal business increases or unexpected workload spikes occur, workloads can be migrated to the public cloud to take advantage of additional on-demand computing capabilities.


IT organizations can easily rehost applications on alternate virtual infrastructure to avoid vendor lock-in at either the virtual level or the physical level.

Integration of acquisitions

When organizations merge or are acquired, integrating systems into a common infrastructure can be a Herculean task lasting months or years. Cloud Continuity Platform can be used to combine virtualized workloads onto a common virtualized infrastructure.

Workload or data archiving

If an organization needs to archive an application and associate data for regulatory or historical reasons, a tertiary copy can be made to any cloud repository. While this third copy cannot be used for other purposes, it can be sent to a cost-optimized infrastructure. Recovery will be facilitated by replicating the archive back to an active workload location.

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