The cloud computing advantage begins with our award-winning staff and our Tier III+ data facility and goes beyond. We are constantly striving to hone and improve our services, giving you the competitive edge over your competition. We call it the C Spire™ cloud computing advantage. Make it your advantage.

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Nationally Recognized Facility

Build a close relationship with the premier cloud partner in the Southeast. With the only Tier III+ data facility for 250 miles and a full spectrum of premium cloud services, C Spire™ can deliver premium service to a robust business region. Customers have secure access to audit our facilities, gain access to co-located hardware or use on premise client offices.

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Buried Fiber Network

Gain the advantage of having your fiber circuit connection and data center and cloud services from a single provider. Our Starkville, Mississippi data facility is sited along the C Spire™ fiber backbone – 7,000+ miles of buried fiber optic cabling. Built to bolster your vital services with optimal speed and reliability, our light-speed, weather resistant network with highly redundant Internet core provides a secure, single-provider connection directly to your data in the cloud.

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Rigorous Technology

Focused on serving the vital service market, C Spireexclusively utilizes only the latest cloud servers, hardware and security systems from leading providers. Our cloud solutions, along with our technical policies and procedures, are designed to meet the high standards, requirements and certifications of financial institutions, hospitals and government agencies.

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Data Security

We understand how critical it is to the health of your business to protect your data from not only privacy threats but from corruption and integrity issues as well. Demanding industries, such as healthcare, life science, financial services and public safety, depend heavily on secure data and proper compliance. That’s why C Spire™ could be a great fit for your business – with a dedicated Tier III+ data center with sophisticated security measures (both physical and electronic) and a highly trained staff of experts.

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Whether the need is access to critical data or other online assets, server availability is essential to your business operations. One of only a few in the nation designed and built for premium uptime certification, the C Spire™ data center is purpose-built for a remarkable 99.982% uptime performance. If your business demands data availability, choose a premium data center that delivers it.

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When your business environment changes, take full advantage of the cloud to react quickly and cost efficiently. The ability to rapidly provision and scale computer resources, can give you a huge competitive edge. Examples of this nimbleness include:

  • Implementing and updating servers quickly
  • Rapidly rolling out short-lived applications
  • Spinning up new programs
  • Swiftly increasing computing resources to support sudden demand
  • Accelerating delivery of IT projects by decreasing the time to provision IT infrastructure

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Get to know our dedicated, award-winning IT experts. Any time of the day, any day of the year, we are available to work with you to meet your unique IT needs. Whether you are new to the cloud or an old hand, we’ll walk you through every step of the process from transition to tomorrow. Why not arrange your free consultation and start the conversation today?

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Elastic Capacity

With the advantage of cloud computing, you can scale capacity up and down. This often proves to be a huge advantage over competitors without access to that same elastic capacity. You can respond quickly to your changing business needs and the resource demands of your business, scaling quickly, gaining access to enormous processing power and paying only for the capacity you use – all while avoiding the investment and maintenance of the hardware needed to make it possible.

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Reduced Costs

In most cases, the actual capacity needed for a given project will vary over time – from ramping up a project to testing, troubleshooting and consumer demand needs. That means that a company purchasing and maintaining server equipment and facilities is rarely getting the maximum use out of their investment. It’s almost always less efficient than a more fluid cloud model. Cloud computing allows users to scale their needs easily and quickly, without concern for the upfront costs of expensive equipment. Capacity can be scaled up for temporary workloads then scaled back down afterward. You pay only for what you need and save on the cost of maintaining unnecessary capacity.

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Maintenance Time

Cloud computing and colocation can help free up time for your IT staff to focus on less mundane, more mission critical tasks. Not only will they spend less time maintaining servers, but the automation of deploying and provisioning resources made possible by cloud computing allows IT admins to maintain more resources in less time.

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Standards and Compliance

Meeting data control standards is critical. C Spire maintains an Attestation for SOC Compliance as well as a successful risk assessment for adherence to HIPAA requirements. C Spire is additionally PCI-compliant.

Find your customized cloud solution.

This invaluable guide explores the current state of cloud, from benefits to barriers. And we help you ask the right questions of potential cloud service partners, so you tailor the cloud solution that’s right for your business.

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