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The UNIFI’d Theory of Speed
Add collaboration tools to instant access. Accelerate decision-making.

Collaboration wins the day. In today's markets, challenges and opportunities can arise in a matter of seconds— you need every device and every co-worker fighting on the same front at all times.

Tap the power of collaboration.

C Spire™ UNIFI enables collaboration by deepening the connectivity of your communications technology. It integrates with your VoIP phone service and links your desktop, office phone, smartphone, and tablet. This adds an entire arsenal of collaboraton tools.

Always connected. Always in control.

UNIFI also controls call traffic by uniting all of your devices under a single business number. When you call out, you’ll project the same identity no matter which device you’re using. And for incoming calls to that number, you choose whether all, some, or none of your devices will ring.

Your new arsenal.

  • Presence

    Need back up? The visual interface of UNIFI provides an up-to-the-minute display of coworker availability based on schedules and activity. You can see who’s out of office, who’s too busy, and who’s ready right now to help you get the job done.

  • Instant Messaging

    Eradicate email clutter with instant access and instant answers.

  • Group Calling

    Plan a whole strategy in just a couple clicks. UNIFI’s group calling makes a complicated process as simple as drag and drop.

  • File/Screen Sharing

    Get on the same page fast. See it now, together.

  • Unified Device App

    This softphone links all your devices and makes them as lethal as your office phone.

  • 4-Digit Dialing

    Kill a question in four keystrokes.

  • Voice Call Continuity

    Keep the pressure on and transfer one call seamlessly between devices without your client knowing.

  • Unified Voice Mail

    Check a single voicemail box- not three.

  • Single Number

    Keep one business identity across all devices.

The Boom in Unified Communications

The Boom in Unified Communications, a new whitepaper from C Spire and Inc., goes in depth into the countless features and benefits of this efficient technology. The conclusion is clear: UC is a critical means for getting the maximum value from your most prized assets— your employees. Put differently, it's worth its weight in ROI.

To learn more, download "The Boom in Unified Communications".

Watch our Streamline Your Business with UNIFI Video.

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