Competitive plan information was taken on June 28, 2012, from the following Web sites: www.wireless.att.com, www.sprint.com, www.verizonwireless.com. This information is not intended to include or encompass all plan variations, promotional pricing or any subsequent plan modifications. All prices listed are monthly and are based on comparable smartphone plans.


If data allowance is exceeded, an additional 1 GB is automatically provided at a rate of $15 for each additional 1 GB. All data allowances, including overages, must be used in the billing period in which the allowance is provided.

  1. Industry First Plans
    Our plan structure is an industry first - and we think it allows you a lot of flexibility to personalize your plan.
  2. Use your phone worry-free
    While it is an industry first, it is still consistent with our philosophy of allowing you to use your phone without worry.
  3. Know your bill up front
    In this new era of how customers use wireless services, we are staying true to offering fair and easy-to-manage plans that are created with you in mind. You will know on the front end what you're paying every month.
  4. C Spire plans offer optional Data Passes so you can get the most out of your phone.

  1. Why is video streaming separate?
    In this new structure, video streaming is pulled out as a separate feature. We used this structure instead of going to tiered data like other carriers have done so you can control and personalize your plan. Video streaming is now a significant use of network data, but only by a small percentage of customers. So, rather than raise the price of data access for everyone, we decided to let you choose the features you do use. That way, if you don't stream video, you're not forced to pay for it, or any other feature, just because it's in a plan that is otherwise perfect for you.
  2. Do you offer unlimited data?
    We still offer unlimited data. It is just structured with different options to allow personalization. AT&T and Verizon do not even offer unlimited data. Their tiered plans cost more than our Talk & Unlimited Text/Web plans with data included. Plus, with AT&T and Verizon there is a likely risk of unexpected data overages.
  3. What if I do stream video?
    If you do stream video, our plans are still the most competitive in the industry. And, heavy data users typically use fewer voice minutes, so you can further personalize your plan by choosing fewer minutes. Also, if you do stream, and have wi-fi access, you can use the Wi-Fi settings on your smartphone.
  4. You are in control
    Ultimately, our plans were designed so that you are in complete control. You can choose the plan that gives you Infinite access to everything, or you can look at how you really use your phone and then pay for exactly what you need.
  1. How much does the Unlimited plan cost?
    The Unlimited plan with unlimited video streaming is $100. This includes unlimited calls, text, picture messaging, web, email and streaming.
  2. How does that compare to other companies?
    AT&T is $114.99 for unlimited calls and messaging and only 2GB of data. For the first KB of data over 2 gigs, you'll be automatically charged $10 for the next gigabyte. Verizon's plan at this level costs $119.99.
  3. See the savings
    Our fully-loaded plan of unlimited access is $14.99- $19.99/month less than the lowest-tier data plans at these other carriers.
  1. A plan to fit you
    Our plans offer a simple structure based around data usage plus a choice of a minutes and features based on your own needs.
  2. Pay for what you need
    If you use data more than you talk, you can save even more over other carriers with a smartphone plan that has fewer voice minutes. Personalize your wireless service with optional Data Passes you can purchase from your phone.
  3. Can I personalize shared plans?
    For multiple users this structure lets you mix and match features so everyone can have a personalized plan. If some family members use video streaming, you can add that feature. If some do not use streaming or use only a few minutes of talk, there are options that let you personalize to their needs and you don't have to worry.