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Get Fiber To The Home in your area first.

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Get Fiber To The Home in 3 Simple Steps:

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Check your address and fill out the pre-registration form.
(You'll see a $10 deposit is required to pre-register. [?])

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Rally your neighbors. Construction can't begin until enough of them pre-register too.

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When fiber becomes available, you can choose a package of our 100x Faster Home Internet, Super HD TV, and Home Phone Service.


Fill out one easy-to-use form and help your neighborhood turn on all the possibilities of 100x Faster Home Internet and Super HD TV. A $10 deposit is required to pre-register. [?]


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Stay up to date on Fiber To The Home at the Get Fiber Blog.

Help your neighborhood become a Fiberhood.Pre-Register for Service

Your fiberhood is now active at super-fast speeds We are in your area constructing your fiberhood Construction planning and Account setup have started Pre-register now to help your area get qualified to get fiber Map Key
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We will build fiber in areas that meet the pre-registration goal.
Check back often to see how close your fiberhood is to beginning construction.

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