Main Background

The Race

C Spire invites your community to apply to be a first launch location. The competition has two parts.

Phase 1 consists of a Request for Information to local entities, combined with individual interest registrations. At the end of this phase C Spire will choose one or more finalist locations (city, county, or other district). We are currently in Phase 1.

Phase 2 will challenge individuals to officially pre-register for service in neighborhoods of the finalist locations.


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Local Government/Community Groups

Step1 Download the Request for Information(RFI)
Step1 Email of your intent to respond to the RFI. Please include your community name, key contact, and phone.
Step1 C Spire will verify back to you that your community has sufficient existing fiber to qualify it for a potential first launch.
Step1 C Spire will provide you with an upload link.
Step1 Upload your response. To be eligible as a first launch community you must submit by 11:59 PM on October 20th.

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Let us know where you want C Spire Fiber to the Home! Your interest will help us choose the first locations.

Frequently Asked Questions