Trade In Offer

Before trading in your old device, inspect it for the following:

It must work — Make sure it powers on, unlocks and navigates to the home screen.

No broken front or back glass.

No cracks or dead spots on the screen.

No liquid damage or corrosion.

No modifications or disassembly.

How do you trade in your old device?

Back it up first to save your photos, contacts, etc.

(This step isn’t required but it’s recommended.)

Confirm that the device meets the criteria outlined above.

iPhone/iPad owners: Read below too!

Send your old device to us using the postage-paid envelope provided in your new device shipment.

If your device meets the requirements for trade-in, a credit will be applied within 45 days after we receive it.

This next part is really, really important for iPhone/iPad owners.

Remove the passcode lock:

Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Turn Passcode Off

Delete iCloud and turn off Find My iPhone/iPad:

Settings > iCloud > Sign Out > Delete From [Device] > Delete From My [Device] > Type in your password and click “Turn Off” to remove the iCloud account and turn off Find My iPhone/iPad.

If you don’t complete both of these steps, you won’t receive a trade-in credit.

Trade-In Values

iPhone 6S / 6S+
up to $150
iPhone 6 / 6+
up to $150
Samsung Galaxy S7
up to $150
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
up to $150
Samsung Galaxy S6
up to $150
Samsung Galaxy Note5
up to $75
up to $75
iPhone 5S
up to $75
Other Devices*
between $20 to $40
iPad Pro
up to $300
iPad Air 2 (128GB)
up to $250
iPad Air 2 (16GB, 64GB)
up to $150
iPad mini 4 / mini 3 (64GB, 128GB)
up to $150
iPad mini 4 (16GB)
up to $150
iPad mini 3 (16GB)
up to $75
iPad Air (128GB)
up to $150
iPad Air (16GB, 32GB, 64GB)
up to $75
iPad mini w/Retina
up to $75
Other tablets
between $20 to $40
Available online or by calling 1-855-CSPIRE4 (277-4734). Postpaid activation or upgrade required. Limited time only. Phones must be working, able to power up, and unlock. No liquid damage. LCD, front and back glass cannot be broken and devices cannot be modified or disassembled. Trade in value limited up to the cost of the new device purchased. *This includes any device listed above that can't navigate to the home screen or has cracks or dead spots on the screen.