More towers means more coverage.

With Max Range LTE expanding coverage by 80% — that’s a lot more coverage.

900 LTE towers enhanced with Max Range LTE

25% increase in LTE coverage this year

More towers means speed in more places.

Now 50% faster— our towers beat many home Internet connections, meaning less buffering and more streaming.

Over 170 towers enhanced to deliver speeds up to 100Mbps

50% faster peak speeds

More towers means we're ready for tomorrow.

We never stop deploying new technologies, because you never stop discovering new ways to use your phone.

With over 8000 miles of fiber, our network is primed to grow for years to come.

5G is on the way, with trials showing over 1Gbps wirelessly.

More towers means more inspiration.

Our network is inspired by you. So stream big, share often, surf far, and do all the things that inspire us.

We work for you.
C Spire. Customer Inspired.