25GB Shared Data Plan

25GB Shared Plan

25GB Shared Data Plan Pricing

FAQs about the 25GB Shared Data Offer

Who is eligible for this offer?

• Any postpaid account is eligible to receive this offer. Customers on other plans need only to make a plan change. It is available to both current customers and new customers.

How do I get the new 25GB Shared Data Offer?

• C Spire customers who are already on the 25GB plan will automatically receive a discount without any required action. Customers who want to change to the 25 GB plan and/or add phone lines can sign in to their account to make changes. Sign in now.
• New customers can sign up for wireless online or visit your nearest C Spire store. Your plan discount and line access discounts will be reflected on your monthly bill.

When will I see the $60 off bill credit on my 25GB rate plan and my free third and fourth phone lines?

• You will see the monthly recurring credit for your plan discount (-$60) and your free third (-$20) and fourth (-$20) phone lines on the next bill after becoming eligible on the 25GB Shared Data plan. The credit will be prorated from the date of eligibility.
• Taxes and/or fees apply on the third and fourth lines.

Does the promotion apply to everyone or just customers who’ve purchased their device on the Device Payment Plan (DPP)? Are my third and fourth lines free, if I’m on a 2-yr contract?

• Customers who’ve purchased a device on either a 2-yr contract or DPP get the data tier discount ($60 off) and the phone line access discounts ($20 off line 3 and $20 off line 4). The access charges on your third and fourth lines are free for phones on DPP. Your DPP payment will still be applicable.
• While your third and fourth lines will not be free on 2-yr contract, both lines will be discounted $20 off each line. The regular price for phones on a 2-yr contract is $45/phone, so you will only pay $25/phone with this promotion.

How long will I continue to receive the promotional discount?

• You will receive the promotional plan discount as long as remain on the 25GB plan, and you will receive the promotional line access discount for phone lines 3 and 4 as long as you remain on the 25GB plan with 3 or 4 phone lines active.
• If you make a plan change at any time, you will no longer receive the plan discount. If you deactivate phone lines, you will no longer receive the line access discounts.

Can my free third and fourth lines be tablets or other data only devices?

• No. They must be wireless phone lines, to receive the line access discount.

Offer available for limited time only, is non-transferrable and has no cash value. Offer available to eligible customers on a Device Payment Plan (DPP), 2 yr. Promotional Offer Contract (POC) or no contract. Not available for Pay as You Go service. Offer features: (1) a $60 discount billing credit for 25GB of shared data for 2 or more phone lines, and (2) a $20 billing credit for the 3rd and 4th phone lines on 25GB Shared Data plan. Promotional bill credits for existing line access fee of $45/mo. will be applied on next monthly bill. Additional line access fee of $25 per line is charged for customers participating in 2 yr. POC. Discounts not applicable to 5th or more lines or tablet activations. Billing credit discounts will not expire upon contract fulfillment and will remain in effect unless plan change occurs. May not be usable with other offers. Customers participating in this service must reside in the C Spire network area, which is defined as MS and generally in and surrounding Memphis/West Memphis, AR/nearby West TN, Mobile and Baldwin Counties in AL, and Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, and Walton Counties in FL. Customers are required to use 50% of their voice and data usage within the C Spire network. Certain restrictions, pre-discount taxes and/or fees apply. See cspire.com and Customer Service Agreement for details and terms and conditions of service. © 2016 C Spire. All rights reserved.