It's a better way to get the latest devices

Lower Priced Data Plans Lower priced data plans.
Control of your bill More control of your bill.
Upgrade options More upgrade options.

The traditional two-year contract wasn't cutting it. So we built a better way to help you sport the latest and greatest smartphones and tablets.

Here's how it works.

We keep it simple. Take the total cost of your device and split it into 24 monthly payments. There's no interest and usually no down payment.

Lower prices on data.

Your device plan means you get the lowest price on all of our data plans. That's because old school two-year contracts add up to $25/mo to cover the cost of your device. Your total bill is almost always the same or less overall on a device plan.

Better control of your bill.

Want a lower monthly bill? No problem. You can trade-in an old device, make a down payment, or simply choose a less expensive phone. You can also pay your balance at any time. And once your device is paid off, your bill drops permanently.

More ways to upgrade early.

We want you to love your device. Choosing a device plan makes upgrading easier than ever thanks to several new options:

  • Early Upgrades - At 18 months, you can trade in your phone and pick out something new.
  • Rapid Upgrades - For qualified devices, you can get a new phone every year for just $5/mo extra.
  • Standard Upgrades - When your device is paid off, trade it in to lower the price on a new device.

You're free to choose any combination you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I purchase a new phone on a device plan?

    Shop online, visit your local C Spire retail store, or call 1-855-CSPIRE4 (277-4734) to purchase a phone using a device plan. A CREW member will be able to review the number of lines you are eligible for and what plans will work best for you.

  • With a device plan, is my device under a contract?

    Yes, you must comply with the terms of the agreement to make monthly payments toward the purchase of your device. There is not an early termination fee for cancellation of service.

  • What's the difference between device pricing on a device plan and with a 2-Year Contract?

    With a device plan, you only pay the sales tax upfront. A device plan cost for the device is divided into 24 monthly payments. With a 2-year contract, you pay the promotional price for the device upfront, in one lump sum.

  • Can I upgrade my device while on a device plan?

    Yes, you have several options:

    Add the Rapid Upgrades Feature
    Subscribe to the Rapid Upgrades feature when you get your phone, and you can upgrade after 12 months without having to pay the remaining balance on your current phone. The Rapid Upgrades feature is $5 a month for 12 months. After 12 months, you're no longer charged for the feature whether you choose to upgrade at that time or not. Payments for the Rapid Upgrades feature are nonrefundable and nontransferable. Trade-in of your current phone is required.

    Early Upgrade After 18 Months
    Once you've had your current phone for 18 months, you can upgrade to a new phone without having to pay the remaining balance (the last six payments). No additional feature subscription required. Trade-in of your current phone is required.

    Phones purchased on a device plan prior to May 1, 2015, are eligible for an early upgrade after 14 consecutive monthly installments.

    Upgrade at Any Time
    If you want to upgrade before 12 months (with the Rapid Upgrade feature) or 18 months (without the Rapid Upgrades feature) you can do so by paying the remaining balance on your current device.

  • When will my device plan charges show on my C Spire bill?

    The charge for the first of your 24 installment payments will appear on your first bill.

  • What do I need to pay the day I purchase a new device with a device plan?

    On the day you purchase a device using a device plan, you will be required to pay the following charges:

    - Activation fee, if applicable
    - Remaining balance on your current C Spire device, if applicable
    - Accessories purchased, if applicable
    - Sales tax calculated on equipment including the total amount financed (a device plan price)

    Any eligible device discounts or promotional credits will be deducted from the total amount financed and will reduce the sales tax and monthly installment payments.

  • How many phones can I put on a device plan on my C Spire account?

    The total number of phones you can have on a device plan is determined by your approved credit. See a CREW member in a retail store to determine your eligibility.

  • Do I have to be on a specific plan to use a device plan?

    No. A device plan is offered on any available smartphone rate plan. The new device purchased must be compatible with your rate plan.

  • If I use a device plan can I pay off my remaining balance prior to 24 months?

    Yes. There is no penalty or additional cost to pay off your balance early and you can make partial payments at any time to accelerate device payoff.

The Device Payment Plan eligibility based on approved credit and requires purchase of monthly service on purchased device throughout the term of the agreement. Sales tax and activation fee (if applicable) due at time of purchase. Device Payment plan purchases offers an 18 month early upgrade option which requires minimum of 18 consecutive monthly installments, trade-in of phone on payment plan, and purchase of new device on payment plan.