C Spire 25Gb Plan C Spire 25Gb Plan
C Spire 25Gb Plan

Families come in all sizes.

That's why we give you plenty of data and let you add up to 10 lines for $20 each.

Because the kids need phones too.

We make your 3rd and 4th lines FREE.

C Spire 25Gb Plan

All Plans include unlimited talk and text.

So Mom and Dad never worry.

Overage protection passes your data untill you say you want more. You're in control. No surprises.

C Spire 25Gb Plan

So nothing holds you back.

We don't slow your data speeds. Period.Every gig is the fastest speed possible.

So using WiFi is effortless.

The WiFi ON app puts WiFi on autopilot. That means nobody in the family uses data When they don't need to.