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Small Business Internet

Inspired by businesses like yours, we’ve added more ways to connect your business to the affordable performance of the C Spire network. We offer a range of speeds, including 100% fiber connections up to 10Gbps. And because there’s no time to slow down, we ensure all of our solutions routinely satisfy the highest levels of reliability.

  • 100% Fiber Offerings
  • Speeds Ranging from 25Mbps to 10Gbps
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Enterprise Internet

If you require dedicated high-speed bandwidth, we have the answer. We can deliver speeds up to 10Gbps through multiple access methods, including 100% fiber. At best, most other providers can only offer a slower, less reliable fiber-copper combination.

  • We offer dedicated speeds and symmetrical connections.
  • Our Internet core is highly redundant for optimal reliability.
  • We own and operate an extensive fiber network.

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We provide T-1’s and other point-to-point circuits to connect your systems and offices.

  • Multiple access methods, including 100% fiber.
  • Managed networks available utilizing VPLS or VPRN services over an MPLS architecture.
  • Local support from a dedicated service team.