Mobile device management (MDM) has become mission critical for companies as more employees than ever are accessing corporate networks via mobile devices. As this trend continues to improve productivity and business agility, it creates challenges for IT operations that require a solid mobile device management program to best support these devices while ensuring security and compliance.

Get quick and easy access to all of the powerful features of SAP® MDM software contained in our carrier-agnostic, cloud-based solution. This comprehensive lifecycle management solution will allow you to:

  • Manage and monitor thousands of mobile devices in real-time
  • Rapidly deploy smartphones, tables and applications (supporting agility and productivity)
  • Keep corporate data safe
  • Support BYOD (bring your own device) policy and enterprise mobility
  • Maintain optimal mobile infrastructure performance
  • Manage costs while avoiding unnecessary investments in hardware or software licenses
The Mobile Device Management Package

Some of the features in this MDM package include:

  • Secure and encrypted mobile access to corporate email and intranet assets
  • Critical control features for IT administrators over functions like remote wiping/locking, GPS tracking, app management, camera access, passcode requirements, browser access, URL whitelisting/blacklisting, application push and more
  • Deploy over-the-air and keep your devices consistently up to date

All for $6 per user monthly with up to 3 devices per user.

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