Infrastructure as a Service

Get C Spire™ Infrastructure as a Service for the competitive edge. You’ll have complete control to provision resources, scale capability and manage your assets – all without the unnecessary expense and challenges of maintaining hardware.

For the agility and capacity you need to meet ever-changing business needs, depend on our cloud infrastructure and our expert staff – available 24/7. The benefits of your C Spire™ partnership include the ability to:

  • Scale services and capacity

  • Option for private or shared cloud based on your compliance and business needs

  • Always run top-of-the-line, current generation hardware

  • Enjoy an Uptime Institute Certified Tier III+ data center

  • Customize services to meet your unique business needs, and update as you go

  • Reduce IT costs – both by reducing upfront hardware and software costs and through the economy of scale and efficiency made possible by working with a premium cloud services provider

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Learn about the key features of our Infrastructure as a Service below, and discover the
C Spire™ advantage.

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Backup and recovery may be the most critical linchpin in your cloud strategy. From data corruption to accidental deletion and from hardware failure to natural disaster, the potential for lost data is ever-present. But a smart plan for storing, archiving and backing up your data, along with swift restoration and retrieval, can keep your business operations moving forward and avoid more disastrous repercussions.

  • Microsoft Windows

  • Linux

  • AIX

  • UNIX

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • MySQL

  • PostgreSQL

  • DB2

  • Oracle

  • DB400

Mail Servers
  • Microsoft Exchange

  • IBM® Notes®

  • IBM Domino

Additional Details
  • Supports customer file-level clustering solutions

  • Onsite backup service encrypts and de-duplicates your data

  • Seamless file restore, with 15- or 30-day retention options

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Thanks to our ability to leverage the economy of massive scale, C Spire™ can offer you enormous computing power as you need it. The ability to scale your capabilities up and down gives you a competitive edge over other businesses who haven’t capitalized on it. You’ll have access to reliable, maintenance-free VMWare NSX-enabled servers on demand, physical or virtual – all without having to own and maintain the physical infrastructure required to support it.

  • Microsoft Windows

  • Linux

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • DB2

  • Oracle

Mail Servers
  • Microsoft Exchange

  • IBM® Notes®

Additional Details
  • Shared cloud deployment or private cloud implementation (if you require more isolation, greater compliance alignment and flexible configuration options)

  • Monitor your virtual machines and set customized alerts

  • Various encryption methods are employed dependent on need: Full disk encryption, file system level encryption, hypervisor, and database encryption


C Spire’s Storage as a Service lets you choose block or object storage.. From beginning to end, we help you build, integrate, and deploy optimized storage and data services at predictable service levels and costs. There are no hidden data transfer fees to access, use, and move your data. Whether simply adding direct storage to your processing environment or utilizing our geo-distributed storage solution for your unstructured data, our SaaS offerings provide the ideal solution for your infrastructure and applications.

Block Storage
  • Archive, Standard, and Performance Tiers

  • Highly Available

  • Fault Tolerant

  • Redundant Architecture

Object Storage
  • Multi-protocol API support

    • Swift, S3, Atmos, etc.

  • Geo diverse data distribution with geo-caching

  • Data at rest and across sites encryption

  • Active-Active read/write

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Data Replication

We know data – and understand its indispensable value to your operations. That’s why our copy of your data is always synchronized with the targeted data source, giving you the fastest path to restoring your environment in the event of a system failure. For internally hosted customers, we offer offsite data replication to our second data center. For our other customers, we offer a replication service, in which our primary facility functions as the customer’s second site. Also, for C Spire™ fiber customers, we offer synchronous real-time replication – possible only because C Spire™ owns both the data facility and the fiber backbone.

Firewall icon

Keep your network behind a secure barrier. We work with you to configure your firewall to your specific needs, enabling you to permit, deny or proxy data as appropriate. Standard and advanced firewalls available, and includes VPN management and content filtering.

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Load Balancers

Load balancers are instrumental in providing you more server space when your traffic rises to demand it, while keeping your costs down when you don’t. We manage data traffic by distributing workloads across multiple servers and resources.

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Choose block or object storage, adjusting your digital storage level to fit your business needs is simplicity itself. Raise and lower your storage in increments of 50 GB, as you go.


Colocation of your critical IT hardware in the highly secure C Spire™ data facility has many advantages – including a secure environment, network speeds of up to 100Gbps, and a reduction in the cost and time necessary to maintain your IT investment.

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Colocation services can alleviate much of the burden, and cost, that goes with maintaining an internal IT system — such as increasing investments in power supply, connectivity and HVAC, often while dealing with internal physical capacity or access issues. C Spire™ provides facility management, power, network connectivity and massive cooling capacity, so you can focus on more vital IT areas, like responding to business conditions. Purchase your space by the rack, cage or pod. We’re ready to support your colocation needs regardless of size.

Our expert team will walk you through the process of colocating and stay with you throughout your partnership with C Spire™ to provide guidance, insight and engineering support wherever and whenever you need it. We’ll help you customize your colocation services based on your specific business needs. As your business evolves over time, we’ll help you take maximum advantage of our data center capabilities.

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