Cloud Infrastructure
Using your cloud based infrastructure lets you enjoy complete control - without the expense and headache of maintaining hardware.
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When you partner with us, you can focus on other priorities, and enjoy other benefits:

  • Scale Services and capacity, anytime on demand
  • Reduce IT costs
  • Provision resources quickly to keep pace with changing demands
  • Always run top of the line, current generation hardware
  • Enjoy an Uptime Institute Certified Tier III+ datacenter

Customize your own package of capabilities depending on your needs, and update as your demands change.

Services Include:

"This will be one of the most advanced data centers in the U.S. ... businesses from all over the world are going to be relying on data services provided through C Spire's facilities."
-Parker Wiseman, Mayor, City of Starkville


Lost data or corrupted files can impact your business and your reputation. Our backup service offers 15 or 30 day retention options so you can restore your files seamlessly in the event of a system failure or loss.


Provides scalable, reliable, maintenance-free physical and/or virtual servers on demand. Rather than purchasing or leasing space in a data center, hiring labor, and all of the utilities to maintain and deploy computing power, customers can leverage C Spire’s cloud infrastructure.

Data Replication

Your data is vital to your operations. Our copy of your data is always synchronized with the targeted data source, giving you the fastest path to restoring your environment in the event of a system failure.


Our firewall establishes a secure barrier between your network and the outside world. We work with you to configure it to your specific needs, enabling you to permit, deny or proxy data as appropriate.

Load Balancers

We manage data traffic by distributing workloads across multiple servers and resources. By "sensing" when a server workload is getting too heavy, we can instantly reroute traffic to the other machines.


Access as much storage for your computing power as you need, in increments of 50GB.

"Add(s) a world-class data center to the arsenal of tools that we use to recruit new business and encourage existing companies to expand in Mississippi."
-Brent Christensen, Executive Director, Mississippi Development Authority

C Spire Careers
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Teams have been hard at work ensuring the network meets the highest standards for reliability and speed, and that means you will enjoy a best-in-class 4G LTE personalized wireless experience.