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Through fiber optic and other broadband facilities, we offer the cost efficient bandwidth necessary for data networking and telecommunications services to other carriers (wireless, IXC, CLEC, ILEC, CATV), ISPs, and community colleges.

For sales and pricing information, call 1-866-864-9737.

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Private Line Services

Choose traditional or advanced transmission options to connect point-to-point or point-to-multipoint. Service can cross LATA and state boundaries.

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Dedicated Internet Access

C Spire offers symmetrical Internet access on its fiber facilities at speeds from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps.

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Custom Connectivity

C Spire can also meet unique needs for advanced data communications.

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Carrier Ethernet

C Spire officially received our MEF certification for E-LINE, E-LAN, and E-ACCESS Ethernet services.

The MEF Services Certification Program enables service providers to certify that their Carrier Ethernet services comply with the relevant MEF specifications.

Fiber Network Map
Fiber Map