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C Spire Push To Talk is now available on certain Android and BlackBerry smartphones, and it's easier to use and manage than ever before. The PTT app offers a highly scalable and simplified approach to PTT administration and security.

The Push To Talk app provides security through voice and signaling encryption over WiFi and cellular using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256. This protects PTT users from unauthorized call interception and monitoring, and provides secure alerting and contact management.

Large PTT Contact & Group Capacity
C Spire"s PTT application leads the industry with contact and group capacity.

  • 1,300 Contacts in your PTT address book (1,000 managed by an administrator, 300 managed by the device user)
  • 130 Talk Groups (100 managed by an administrator, 30 managed by the device user)
  • 250 members per pre-defined group managed by an administrator and 30 members per pre-defined group managed by the device user.

Contact Capacity Display
A convenient contact capacity display makes it easier to manage your contacts and talk groups on your device. The capacity display indicates the total number of contacts so you"ll never lose track when adding to your PTT contact list.

Automatic Contact & Group Synching
When an administrator makes changes to a contact list or group, the information is pushed over the air to your phone automatically and in real-time.

Special-Purpose Talk Groups
Create special-purpose talk groups so you only communicate with the people you need to when you need to. No more "broadcasting" a message meant for one person to your whole organization.

Quick-Group Calling
Call up to 10 contacts from your PTT contact list at the same time for a quick-group call. Just select the contacts and start the call. Your call will be transmitted to all the selected contacts simultaneously without the need to create a pre-defined talk group.

PTT Caller Availability
C Spire"s PTT application lets you know if someone is available to talk before you push the button. The app shows an icon next to each contact indicating their status: Available, Busy (Do Not Disturb), or Offline (powered off).

Fast Presence Switching
When you need to change your presence status, simply select your status option from the PTT application"s Home screen. Any change you make in your presence status shows up immediately on other users" devices.

Contact List Sort/Filter
See which of your co-workers is available with a glance at your Contacts list. C Spire"s PTT allows you to easily sort and filter contacts based on availability, name, and/or phone number.

Set Your Own Favorites
Add the contacts and talk groups you call the most often to your Favorites. With all your Favorites collected in one place, the C Spire PTT application makes it faster and more efficient for you to make PTT calls to the exact contact or group you want.