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C Spire Business Solutions utilizes Voice over Internet Protocol (IP) technology over a secure private connection to supply a complete business phone system. We install and maintain the equipment in addition to providing local, long distance, and Internet services - all for a low monthly fee. With no upfront investment, C Spire can help grow your top line and decrease both the costs and hassles normally encountered when dealing with multiple vendors.

IP Voice Benefits:

  • Customers can easily scale to meet their business needs without purchasing new equipment
  • All upgrades are performed by C Spire without being on-site. The customer gets additional business features to increase profitability and reduce customer complaints without expanding current IT resources
  • Customers reduce risk by putting their phone systems in a secure data center with 24/7 customer support, 365 days a year
  • Customers can eliminate down time during any potential disaster and recovery process
  • Customers can focus on their core business utilizing their core expertise, while C Spire handles the phone system

IP Voice Products:


PRI uses the latest cloud technology to deliver traditional voice services over a private connection.

Primary Rate Interface Integrated Services Digital Network (PRI ISDN)

With more efficient out-of-band signaling, C Spire Business Solutions’ PRI ISDN service utilizes 23 channels of a T-1's 24 channels for inbound and outbound calling. The 24th-or 'D' channel-is used for signaling information and call control. PRI service also allows you to:

  • Receive caller ID telephone numbers on every call
  • Transfer inbound calls to another location that is bridged in our network, instead of using voice channels on the PRI service to your location Combine your local, long distance, and Internet services on a single access facility (should you choose to allocate bandwidth for this business-critical data need).

Hosted PBX

C Spire Business Solutions provides a turnkey, managed communications solution for businesses. Our IP Voice phone solution includes the new Polycom phones, phone service, long distance, Internet service, service and maintenance of equipment, a managed outsource switch and 24/7 customer concierge service support. Also, all install fees are rebated on customer’s bill in full, unless otherwise noted.

We offer two IP Voice options that customers can choose from based on his or her needs: Voice Full or Voice Basic Office.

Some of the premier features of the Voice Full option include:

  • Call Control
    • You control what happens when someone calls. You can send all your calls directly to voicemail or select the numbers you wish to hear from at certain times of the day.
  • Voice Mail to Email
    • Have your voice mails sent to your email account as .wav files. Listen, save and forward to others in your company to save time and avoid confusion.
  • Anywhere Number
    • One number rings all your phones, either sequentially or simultaneously. You control it via the C Spire Business Solutions Web Portal(former Callis Web Portal). You’ll never miss another call…unless you want to.
  • Call Jump
    • Change phones in the middle of a call, and your caller won’t hear the switch. You can seamlessly transfer a call to your cellphone or move the call from your cell to a landline if you are having issues with your cell signal.
  • Remote Office
    • Turns your cell phone, home phone, or even hotel phone into your office phone. The caller ID shown is your office number, and all calls are directed to your remote phone, whether you are across town or across the ocean!
  • Console Assistant
    • Simple to use PC based console for receptionists or attendants who screen inbound calls. The intuitive design follows natural workflow of a call from the top of the screen.
  • Easy Conferencing
    • Imagine no more waiting on a conference deck. 3-way call is so easy and you can add up to 5 conference attendees “on-the-fly.”

IP Voice Features:

  • Cloud-based (Hosted) PBX
  • Fully Managed POE Switches
  • Unlimited Local Phone and Long Distance service
  • Dedicated High Speed Internet
  • Nationwide 4-digit dialing
  • All System Maintenance
  • A simple online portal to allow custom-tailored design of your system
  • Microsoft Outlook Integration (Click-to-Dial from Contacts)
  • Auto Attendant
  • Anywhere Number- Find me/Follow me
  • Unified Messaging- Voicemail to Email
  • Free conference calling


IP Voice 911 Guidelines (pdf)

Customer Testimonials

  • "With the old service, it was like talking through a wall. Now with IP Voice, it's very clear." - L. Townsend - Office Manager - Shane Ormon Construction
  • "Additional features like voice messaging to email and going paperless with fax to email made the decision to switch even better" - D. Thames - Controller - Mississippi Medical
  • "IP Voice allows us to keep all three office locations under one virtual roof." - T. Pendley - Owner - Old South Insurance
  • "The voice quality is like we are standing next to one another." - VP Engineering - Sheldon Labs
  • "Let me tell you, from start to finish, one of the easiest, most painless things I've ever done" - J. Germany - Operations Manager - Automotive Color
  • "IP Voice provides clearer voice and sharper sound. Caller ID has been one of my favorite features!" - T. Smith - Financial and Pastor Secretary - Parkway Baptist Church
  • "C Spire Business Solutions saved us hundreds of dollars due to no upfront investment" - VP Engineering - Sheldon Labs

IP Voice FAQs

What is IP Voice?

IP Voice uses your broadband Internet connection to give your office superior phone service. This highly configurable system will boost your productivity especially when coupled with wireless service.

Who needs IP Voice?

IP Voice is perfect for small-to-medium sized businesses that need a smart communications system without the cost and management of a traditional PBX.

Why is IP Voice better?

IP Voice provides a premium feature set that exceeds that offered on typical PBX-systems. Maximize productivity with simultaneous ring, transfer of calls to numbers not within the office, extension-based dialing to other office locations without a costly T-1 connection. You can also save money with no more long distance costs and no costly equipment to maintain.

Is local support available?

Should you ever have questions about your service, our local business account service and technical support are ready to help.


Assist for Business
Phone: 1-855-CSPIRE2 (277-4732)
Email: assistforbusiness@cspire.com

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