Wireless Business Fiber To The Home  

C Spire Business Solutions offers multiple access methods, including 100% fiber-based Internet access, meaning you get optimal speed and reliability. At best, most providers can only offer a fiber copper combination.

  • Fixed-rate dedicated Internet access.
  • Speeds from 1.5Mb to 1Gb.
  • Highly redundant Internet core gives optimal reliability

With C Spire, you get the best possible speeds and pricing for your business. Have any issues or questions? Get same-day, onsite support, too.


We provide broadband connections to deliver the bandwidth today's growing customers need. C Spire will analyze your requirements and install a T-1, fiber, or Ethernet connection. Plus, with our monitoring services, we'll keep track of activity and ensure reliability. Our engineers fully manage and monitor your entire network for you, while also providing you with the access, security, and visibility you need. As such, we employ an infrastructure based on your needs, while minimizing risk and increasing network performance in order to improve business optimization. And with our team members in our Network Operations Center (NOC), you will receive the best-in-class network management services and systems, which will serve as a direct extension to your IT department.


C Spire’s Datapath T-1 uses traditional methods to deliver a highly reliable business class Internet service. Through this connection, we can service multiple applications using our cloud technology such as IP Voice services, email, and other cloud applications. This service uses our technology network to make sure each customer receives a more reliable and redundant data connection.


C Spire's Datapath Ethernet is a flexible, high-bandwidth solution that can be used for both data and voice traffic. This proven technology allows you to easily add more bandwidth without the time delay and expense of ordering and installing additional facilities. Ethernet Local Loop allows you to:

  • Purchase bandwidth in increments ranging from 5 Mbps to 10 Gbps
  • Utilize other C Spire’s solutions, including dedicated Internet, MPLS VPN (Multiprotocol Label Switching Virtual Private Network)

Enjoy low equipment costs and a level of scalability far greater than similar traditional data solutions.

Customer Testimonials

  • "It's a game changer - we are screaming fast compared to where we were. The fiber connection changed our lives completely - we've been able to web-enable sales." - VP Engineering - Sheldon Labs
  • "It's been awesome. They fix problems before they happen. Speed is awesome, very quick, very fast. It stays up all the time." - J. Germany - Operations Manager - Automotive Color

Assist for Business
Phone: 1-855-CSPIRE2 (277-4732)
Email: assistforbusiness@cspire.com

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