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Save on fuel with fleet management solution

Fleet Management Solution from Telogis With today's fuel prices at record highs, every hour your drivers spend driving (and idling) on the road ends up costing you cash.

Ontrack by Telogis

Reduce Excessive Idling

  • Did you know that every hour a diesel truck idles, it burns approximately one gallon of fuel?
  • OnTrack generates for you a detailed report that records each minute your trucks unnecessarily idle.

Reduce Speeding

  • According to the Department of Energy, aggressive driving wastes fuel.
  • On the highway, every 5 mph driven over 65 mph represents a 7% decrease in fuel economy.

Receive Automated Alerts

  • With OnTrack, you set up the business rules and OnTrack generates and delivers automated alerts when your drivers are not in compliance.

Business support center

Phone: 1-855-CSPIRE2 (277-4732)

Email: assistforbusiness@cspire.com

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